April Fool’s Day Computer Worm — $250,000 Bounty for Those Responsible

 THIS IS NO JOKE: Today “60 Minutes” and other outlets are reporting on a “sleeper cell” computer worm called Conficker that is set to “receive instructions” on April Fools Day; it is unknown what those instructions might be.  The 60 Minutes piece, entitled “The Internet is Infected,” says that 10 million computers are estimated to be infected with the virus. “(Microsoft) has placed a bounty of $250,000 dollars on the heads of those responsible for the threat.” The problem of computer viruses has been growing exponentially. Symantec actually sends out security updates every FIVE minutes. Interestingly, a lot of these virsus are being created in Russia, by young males there. The Russian government has generally “looked the other way” at this crime and many of the hackers are celebrated there as heroes.

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