Associated Press Says: Get Permission — Or Else

Associated Press is trying to put the proverbial horse back in the barn, as they try to rein in search engines like Google and news aggregators like Drudge from linking to, or  otherwise using,  AP content without compensation.

As the New York Times reports: “The A.P. will “work with portals and other partners who legally license our content” and will “seek legal and legislative remedies against those who don’t,” the A.P. chairman, William Dean Singleton, said…  “We can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories.”

A while ago, Jon Stewart had a newspaperman on his show (we forget who he was). But anyway, this guy was proposing a new model in which consumers paid for online content. Stewart humored him and then said, ya know, if you really wanted to do something effective, figure out a way to make newspaper ink addictive. To Stewart’s point, these guys are pretty clueless. You cannot turn back the clock and attempt to apply outdated and insufficient policies to the new world in which we live. Bottomline, you cannot monetize your business — internet or other — through simple force, regulation, and threat.

Everyday, little Rich Dog Millionaire finds our content on other sites, many — if not most — automated. Do we get get all huffy and try to chase them down? Or are we trying to build our business in this new world? Sorry Mr. Singleton, AP will not survive as a company if this is your game plan.

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