Book Review: “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging”

The Huffington Post  has shot to the top of charts of blogging since launching in 2005. Now they have a reporter assigned to the White House Press Corps. We have read many books on blogging, considering that Rich Dog Millionaire is a blog. We are always trying to improve things. Many of the books we’ve read, strangely — or maybe not so — have been written by techno-geeks. These geeks started up a blog five or more years ago, have achieved a certain amount of success, and now they have written books, even if they aren’t writers, even if they can’t really write a book. There is one book — we will not mention it — in which the guy literally lists pages — and pages — of HTML language that, I guess, we are suppose to somehow copy from his printed book and paste into our blogs, for one reason or another.

This Huffington Post book is different, and as a result, is refreshing. Several critics have complained that the book is light on detailed information, with wide blank borders and a lot of sidetracks and self-promotion about the Post. Yes, but it is a fun and enjoyable read, without any crazy HTML code. And BTW, they do things that well-researched books should do, like define blogs and give us the history of blogs. Don’t look for money-making blog ideas in this book. Rather, sit back and enjoy a nice read about blogging — and the community of blogging. A lot of existing books about blogging seem isolated in their perspective. This is the first book we have read that discusses blogging in social, community terms. And this might give you one of the edges you need to succeed: The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging

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