Buzz Bin: “Maverick Money Makers” and a Day-Trading Robot

Maverick Money Makers — with the tagline “Get Paid For Life” — has been climbing up the sales charts on the internet this week. As we write this, it is rocketing to the top. We haven’t reviewed it yet — will it have staying power? It primarily appears to be a how-to on affiliate marketing and refers to using an affiliate membership site called Millnic Media. He says you can start using his system profitability within 15 minutes.

And check out the Day Trading Robot. In this video the guy makes $6,000. The way the stock market has been going, we’d say 1% of that might be considered a success. Whether you consider this stock trading or gambing, or maybe both, here is the video

Is it good, bad, or ugly — Send us any feedback you have. As we get going, we may be adding a poll, so those who have used the item, can vote and let others know.

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