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New FTC Guidelines for Bloggers, Others

December 1st, 2009

Today — December 1 —  new Federal Trade Commission guidelines for endorsements and testimonials went into effect — guidelines that apply to bloggers and others who endorse products and get paid for it, ie through affiliate links.  The guidelines are broad but it’s basically all about disclosure and being honest. While officially you should seek your own counsel, here is a link that lists a variety of reactions and opinions to the guidelines. Our opinion — and it’s just an non-legal opinion of course — is that if you practice disclosure and you’re honest about why you are recommending a product, you won’t be a target.  See our Disclosure Statement in our “About” Page.

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Josh, Scott, or Kevin (Now David) “Make Bank, Green, Dough” — An Investigative Update

April 5th, 2009

We’ve been reporting about this site — or rotation of sites (here, here, here, here) — that has been ranked high on Alexa. A few days ago, they were ranked in the top 10 for traffic, and now they seem to be dropping (APR 6 UPDATE: Back in the top 10 on Monday). Go here for our reporting — but basically, it looked like someone was using at least four different websites/domains to pitch some kind of Google Adsense nonsense. Each site used the same picture of a $5,000 check dated October 25, 2008. Each site tells you about their girlfriend/wife. Each site charged a “shipping fee,” which may have been their profit center.

UPDATE: And NOW a new guy, “David.” By coincidence, a friend of ours saw an ad placed in the toolbar of his Yahoo mail account. It was a text ad that said, “I Got Fired, Now I’m Rich.” Out of curiousity, he clicked on it and was sent to David’s Quick Cash. Same story, same $5,000 check dated on October 25; he even has the same black Range Rover as “Scott” does.

(original content from http://www.richdogmillionaire.com/)

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Is it Still April Fool’s Day? This Guy’s URL is Ranked #8 on Alexa (Update #2)

April 3rd, 2009

As we write this, the following website is ranked #8 on the Alexa’s Hottest URLs: It’s called Josh Made Cash. We did some research., if you go here, you find a suspiciously similar site, called Scott’s Money Blog. Both sites suggest you can make over $5000/month for posting links to Google. It sounds like some kind of Adsense nonsense. Josh offers it to you for $1.99 shipping (what are you shipping us, exactly?). Scott charges $2.95 shipping. Maybe it’s because one guy lives in San Francisco and the other lives in Los Angeles. This has our scam antenna up, obviously. We’re reporting on it because they are getting so many hits — and we guess we’re contributing to that… Anyway, if anybody knows what the deal is, drop us a line.

UPDATE: A guy named Kevin has gotten into the game. Josh, Scott, and Kevin each have very similar stories, they each tell you about their girlfriend/wife, and they each have a picture on their respective site, showing you a check each one got for exactly $5000, all dated on October 25, 2008 — what a hell of a day that must have been! Gosh guys (or guy), we all believe you so much lol. Someone seems to be alternating URLs… BTW, “Kevin” lives in San Jose, CA and charges a straight-up $1.00 for shipping. “They” have dropped to #9… NEW UPDATE TIMED AT 11:41 PST… down to #15… I’m melting… I’m melting..

We did an Alexa comparison analysis on the three sites. It looks like “Scott” started first, around mid-March. “Kevin” was next, around Mar 25th, and now “Josh”, who started around Mar 30/April 1st — which kinda fits the title of this story. … Another “Kevin” site was apparently added to the rotation on Saturday (Apr 4), Kevin Makes Dough (although the title says Kevin Makes Green). On this version, they try some audio.

BTW, this is a good time to mention our recent post, about “How people are making money by telling people how to make money” —  Naked Elephant in the Room.

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“Google Says Goodbye to Adsense Video Units”

March 31st, 2009

Clickz is reporting that Google is discontinuing its Adsense Video Units

“The demise of AdSense video units does not impact the availability of other video-related ads options, stressed Google. It noted that video ads may appear in AdSense for content ad units for users who have “opted into” image ads. Also, AdSense for video is ‘still accepting applications from eligible publishers who produce video content,’ said the Google announcement.”

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