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Heck, Ya Gotta Check This Out (Plus “Mad Men” & Dry Martinis)

March 19th, 2009

“Sorry Jim, You’re Too Late”
“Can’t believe they’re doing this (MAJOR announcement)
“part 3”
“Read this by Monday (open ASAP)”
“Nothing but gossip and rumors”

The above quotes are the subject headings of emails we have received over the last few weeks, promoting various internet sales and marketing products, and money-making tools. As you can imagine, we are on a lot of lists, in a continuous effort to see what’s out there. We have reviewed and recommended some of these items; some are very good. But what’s up with those subject heading? Well, many of these marketers are following the brilliance of a guy named Frank Kern. Frank is basically a marketing genius (and sincerely nice guy) who has reminded internet entrepreneurs that humans have not changed over the eons and that the psychology of successful sales and marketing remains the same. The subject headings may seem manipulative, and that’s cause they kinda are, but statistically, ya DO get more clicks. You just gotta know what you’re  “too late for” or what the unbelievable “MAJOR announcement” is. WE ADMIT IT. He have purchased products and services that have started with such a subject heading. Frank Kern sells his amazing programs at a premium price and for limited time periods. To become successful in the internet world, it helps to remember how to become a success in the “real” world.

BTW, a couple of us religiously watch Mad Men, the AMC TV show about the advertising world in the 1960s. Some things have changed, but we admit we’ll still have an occasionally dry martini for lunch. Ketel One. Looks like you can also preorder Mad Men: Season 2 (yep, this is a sale pitch :)

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