Dirty Martini Millionaire (It’s All About the Olive Juice)

So we were reading the Playboy Advisor the other day (Yes, this is the second post in the last few days that references Playboy magazine.)  The first post is here. In the Advisor, a reader said he loved dirty martinis but that he “runs out of olive juice before he runs out of olives. Is there any place I can buy bottles of juice?” Yes, “You bet there is” — the internet is a world of opportunity! You can find your juice at http://www.olivejuiceforsale.com/. Jepp and Mary Walters, themselves, had trouble finding olive juice for their dirty martinis. “By 2005,” Playboy writes (in the February 2008 issue with Holly Madison on the cover), “They were getting so many orders, Mary quit her job to sell juice full-time.” This, friends, is what entrepreneurship  is all about: passion + need = opportunity. We are not sure if Jepp and Mary are millionaires (yet). Was Vito Corleone a millionaire from olive oil imports?  If this post hasn’t inspired you, you’re wacked.

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  2. Yep, two posts referring to Playboy: You can get them both together at http://www.richdogmillionaire.com/?s=playboy