French Will Kick Pirates off the Internet (Updated)

Yo-ho Y-ho! We’ve been watching this story during the last 48 hours and want to mention it here. France is in the process of passing a law that will literally kick pirates — no, not the Johnny Depp kind, the kind that download copyrighted material illegally — OFF the internet. The plan is, when a downloading suspect is identified (actually only the IP can be identified), the suspect will be notified not to do it again. If they do it again, they get their internet access cut off for three months. If they do it a third time, they can lose access for up to a year. The legislation has actually be modified a bit. In the original version, apparently the violator with suspended access would still of had to pay for the internet access he was not getting. Shiver me timbers! Here’s an article on it, courtesy of Euro News.

UPDATE: As posted here, this bill has been rejected by the French legislators

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