How to Set Up a Blog — Watch These Free Videos

These guys are great teachers — calm, cool, and thorough. They have ten videos and you can watch them all at   They recommend WordPress, which is what we use. We disagree with them on the hosting. When you watch Gideon and Yaro’s videos, you will learn how to upload WordPress on a webhost using a FTP client, arguably the most difficult part of setting up your blog. OORR you could just use Blue Host, where you can accomplish that task with one or two clicks — instant installation.

Heres a link to Blue Host: Host Unlimited Domains – 1 Account $6.95 Per Month

BTW, if you don’t know this already, there’s two ways to set up a WordPress blog — 1) Where it’s hosted for you — or 2) Where you download it and install it on your own domain and server host of your choice — . The way described above is the way — this is the way you wanna do it for business. If you have your blog on the version of WordPress, you do not own your domain.

To learn how to make money blogging, see this post.

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