Important: Protect Your Privacy By Doing This… (REPRINT)

REPRINT: This has been one of our most popular posts — it’s one of the most important tips you can read:

When you register a domain name, we highly recommend you add a domain privacy service to your order. If you don’t, and you register your domain as an individual, anyone can go into the WHOIS database and see your name and your contact info (like where you live). Probably the best-known privacy service is Domains by Proxy. When you subscribe to them, their contact info — not yours —  shows up in the WHOIS, as the listed administrative and technical contact.  Of course, such a service does not give you complete anonymity – i.e., you cannot hide from the law. Domains By Proxy is owned by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons, and when you order a domain name from Go Daddy, you can add the Domains by Proxy option for a minimal fee, depending on the options/deals you select. We use  as our domain registrar.

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