Josh and His Buddies “Scott,” “Kevin,” and “David” (UPDATED)

We are getting a lot of inquiries, regarding our posts here and here. Jan Tuv at Wallet Pop has some good additional info on these scammers (or scammer). One thing we learned from her blog is that these sites are using something called MaxMind, “which scopes out where Web users are located. The hometown is sprinkled throughout the site, to force us to identify with Scott and his “story.” That would explain why all the sites we “found” were from California. As we mentioned, the sites are also sloppy suspicious in other ways, ie each site has the same $5,000 check dated October 25. Wallet Pop’s Jan did some further research and found that the checks do not even have legitimate routing numbers. And then there’s that same black Range Rover several of them seem to own, on duplicate driveways.

UPDATE: We received a great comment from “Not Kevin” who recommended the site, Waffles at Noon, for more info on this scam — these scammers have many, many URLs.  The danger here, from what we understand, is that the cheap little $1.00 shipping fee is simply their way of capturing your information, including credit card/banking information. Then they ding you with another charge — like $100 — after you neglect to “cancel” (using a cancel option that is virtually impossible to find on the site, if it’s even there. ). Thanks “Not Kevin” for your great feedback and thanks Waffles at Noon for some great information.

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