Josh, Scott, or Kevin (Now David) “Make Bank, Green, Dough” — An Investigative Update

We’ve been reporting about this site — or rotation of sites (here, here, here, here) — that has been ranked high on Alexa. A few days ago, they were ranked in the top 10 for traffic, and now they seem to be dropping (APR 6 UPDATE: Back in the top 10 on Monday). Go here for our reporting — but basically, it looked like someone was using at least four different websites/domains to pitch some kind of Google Adsense nonsense. Each site used the same picture of a $5,000 check dated October 25, 2008. Each site tells you about their girlfriend/wife. Each site charged a “shipping fee,” which may have been their profit center.

UPDATE: And NOW a new guy, “David.” By coincidence, a friend of ours saw an ad placed in the toolbar of his Yahoo mail account. It was a text ad that said, “I Got Fired, Now I’m Rich.” Out of curiousity, he clicked on it and was sent to David’s Quick Cash. Same story, same $5,000 check dated on October 25; he even has the same black Range Rover as “Scott” does.

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2 Responses to “Josh, Scott, or Kevin (Now David) “Make Bank, Green, Dough” — An Investigative Update”

  1. Not Kevin says:

    There are more than 4 of these sites there are hundreds.

    Waffles at Noon did a nice expose of the fake blogs (so numerous a new term has been coined for them: ‘flogs’) a while back at:

    There is also a massive thread at

    Very similar tactics have been used by another shady outfit in Florida going by the name emillionaire aka EZnetincome / Marqilife / Brock Felt – loads of complaints on for that one too, just do a search there for emillionaire or google it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. When we originally saw the first site, “Josh,” we thought it was just one site. Then, quickly, we came across others. Then we saw the expose on Wallet Pop, and realized there were a lot more sites (wrote about it earlier today). Anyway, thanks much for the info. Will check out Waffles at Noon.