Sheriff Sues Craigslist Over Sex Ads (Updated)

The sheriff of Cook County, IL says Craigslist is “a public nuisance” and wants a federal judge to shut down the “erotic services’ section. And he wants $100,000 to reimburse his department for investigating the website. The sheriff is not the first law enforcement official to go after Craigslist, which is often in the bullseye for its size (Craigslist is the #9 most popular website).

Brook Meeks, spokesperson for the Center for Democracy and Technology stated: “Craigslist is providing an interactive computer service, and as such is protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This provision essentially says that a service like Craigslist can’t be treated as a publisher or speaker of any information put there by a user. So Craigslist isn’t responsible for the content that users put on its site. That said, Craigslist has worked with law enforcement and toughened up the procedures — requir(ing) (a)  name and valid credit card — for putting erotic ads online.” Here’s the full story.

UPDATE: WE RECEIVED A QUESTION ON THIS: “Where’s this county located?”

This is the county Chicago is located in.

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