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Wired: “Mad Magazine Mocks Google”

April 25th, 2009 has the scoop on Google getting the Mad magazine treatment. The Mad issue hits the stands on April 28th.

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More Yahoo Cuts; Cutting GeoCities — And Why Yahoo Has Lost

April 23rd, 2009

As you probably know now, Yahoo announced its third round of layoffs. Additionally, Yahoo is shutting down several services, including Geocities. Remember when Yahoo was at the top? Before Google. There was Yahoo and also AOL. What happened to them?

Jeff Jarvis, in his book, What Would Google Do?, sums it up pretty well: He calls Yahoo and AOL “has beens,” stuck operating under “old rules… They control content and distribution and think they can own customers, relationships, and attention.” Google beat these guys simply by recognizing the nature of the  internet: “Google, ” Jarvis says, “sees its home page as the way to get you to where you want to go. And when you get there, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Google ad or application. That is where Google wants to be: where you are.” Meanwhile, Yahoo and AOL wanted you to come to where they were, and stay there. That is not how the internet works.

And this is why Yahoo has lost the game.

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“Internet Has Only Just Begun, Say Founders”

April 23rd, 2009

The founders of the internet say the web has really just started and hasn’t reached its potential: ” Just 23 percent of the globe’s population currently uses the Internet…” That a lot of potential.  Right now only five percent of Africans surf the web. Access is expected to grow substantially with the increase of mobile access, as people will no longer need a computer to get to the internet.

Robert Cailliau, who developed the internet  in 1989 with Tim Berners-Lee, said he is surprised that search engines can still sort through all the data. But, of course, that is what makes the WWW so powerful — it’s the opportunity Google saw and ran with.

Once again, facts and current events like this make us think: What opportunities are out there? If only 23% of the world population is on the internet, what businesses can be built based on the needs of the other 77%, once they get online? Is their an angle here?

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Associated Press Says: Get Permission — Or Else

April 7th, 2009

Associated Press is trying to put the proverbial horse back in the barn, as they try to rein in search engines like Google and news aggregators like Drudge from linking to, or  otherwise using,  AP content without compensation.

As the New York Times reports: “The A.P. will “work with portals and other partners who legally license our content” and will “seek legal and legislative remedies against those who don’t,” the A.P. chairman, William Dean Singleton, said…  “We can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories.”

A while ago, Jon Stewart had a newspaperman on his show (we forget who he was). But anyway, this guy was proposing a new model in which consumers paid for online content. Stewart humored him and then said, ya know, if you really wanted to do something effective, figure out a way to make newspaper ink addictive. To Stewart’s point, these guys are pretty clueless. You cannot turn back the clock and attempt to apply outdated and insufficient policies to the new world in which we live. Bottomline, you cannot monetize your business — internet or other — through simple force, regulation, and threat.

Everyday, little Rich Dog Millionaire finds our content on other sites, many — if not most — automated. Do we get get all huffy and try to chase them down? Or are we trying to build our business in this new world? Sorry Mr. Singleton, AP will not survive as a company if this is your game plan.

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Josh, Scott, or Kevin (Now David) “Make Bank, Green, Dough” — An Investigative Update

April 5th, 2009

We’ve been reporting about this site — or rotation of sites (here, here, here, here) — that has been ranked high on Alexa. A few days ago, they were ranked in the top 10 for traffic, and now they seem to be dropping (APR 6 UPDATE: Back in the top 10 on Monday). Go here for our reporting — but basically, it looked like someone was using at least four different websites/domains to pitch some kind of Google Adsense nonsense. Each site used the same picture of a $5,000 check dated October 25, 2008. Each site tells you about their girlfriend/wife. Each site charged a “shipping fee,” which may have been their profit center.

UPDATE: And NOW a new guy, “David.” By coincidence, a friend of ours saw an ad placed in the toolbar of his Yahoo mail account. It was a text ad that said, “I Got Fired, Now I’m Rich.” Out of curiousity, he clicked on it and was sent to David’s Quick Cash. Same story, same $5,000 check dated on October 25; he even has the same black Range Rover as “Scott” does.

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Original “Nickname” of Google?

April 4th, 2009

Do you know what the original nickname  of Google was?………………………Wait for it………………………….. “BackRub” — named because the new search engine “checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site.”

We found this fact out in Mr. Tancer’s book, in fact.

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Is it Still April Fool’s Day? This Guy’s URL is Ranked #8 on Alexa (Update #2)

April 3rd, 2009

As we write this, the following website is ranked #8 on the Alexa’s Hottest URLs: It’s called Josh Made Cash. We did some research., if you go here, you find a suspiciously similar site, called Scott’s Money Blog. Both sites suggest you can make over $5000/month for posting links to Google. It sounds like some kind of Adsense nonsense. Josh offers it to you for $1.99 shipping (what are you shipping us, exactly?). Scott charges $2.95 shipping. Maybe it’s because one guy lives in San Francisco and the other lives in Los Angeles. This has our scam antenna up, obviously. We’re reporting on it because they are getting so many hits — and we guess we’re contributing to that… Anyway, if anybody knows what the deal is, drop us a line.

UPDATE: A guy named Kevin has gotten into the game. Josh, Scott, and Kevin each have very similar stories, they each tell you about their girlfriend/wife, and they each have a picture on their respective site, showing you a check each one got for exactly $5000, all dated on October 25, 2008 — what a hell of a day that must have been! Gosh guys (or guy), we all believe you so much lol. Someone seems to be alternating URLs… BTW, “Kevin” lives in San Jose, CA and charges a straight-up $1.00 for shipping. “They” have dropped to #9… NEW UPDATE TIMED AT 11:41 PST… down to #15… I’m melting… I’m melting..

We did an Alexa comparison analysis on the three sites. It looks like “Scott” started first, around mid-March. “Kevin” was next, around Mar 25th, and now “Josh”, who started around Mar 30/April 1st — which kinda fits the title of this story. … Another “Kevin” site was apparently added to the rotation on Saturday (Apr 4), Kevin Makes Dough (although the title says Kevin Makes Green). On this version, they try some audio.

BTW, this is a good time to mention our recent post, about “How people are making money by telling people how to make money” —  Naked Elephant in the Room.

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Email Alert: Google to Change Adwords; New Interface; Starter Edition Update

April 3rd, 2009

Google has sent out an email announcing changes to the Adwords interface “that will make it easier to manage your campaigns.” According to the email:

“Here are some of the key differences you’ll notice after the update:

– You won’t need to graduate to Standard Edition to expand your account. You’ll still have a simple view of your performance, but you’ll have access to advanced AdWords features if and when you want to use them.
– Instead of a monthly budget, you’ll see a daily budget for your account. We’re not changing the overall way your budget works, just the way it’s presented, so you won’t have to make any adjustments to keep your ads running as usual.
– A new Settings tab will help you make changes to basic settings, such as the audiences your ads reach.
– Your content network statistics will appear in a new Networks tab.
– Here’s a detailed list of differences between Starter Edition and the new interface”

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Book Review: “Adwords for Dummies” by Howie Jacobson PhD (Update)

April 2nd, 2009

The great thing about the “For Dummies” series of books is that they really try to make things as easy and as understandable as possible — usually no complicated tech jargon (when you come across such stuff, they warn you with a “Technical Stuff” icon and mark it as “What You Don’t Have to Read.”) AdWords For Dummies (it’s got 5 full stars on Amazon; with 74 reviewers) starts off the best way possible — getting YOU started. Chapter 2 — after a quick Chapter 1 goes over the pay-per-click industry — is a step-by-step guide to “Setting Up Your Starter Edition Account” (on Google Adwords). In an afternoon — actually maybe an hour or so — you could stop thinking about it and actually be doing it, with an active Adwords campaign. Once you jump into the wading pool, you can then read on and become an expert swimmer. Jacobson and Google’s Starter Edition will take you in as gently as possible (TWSS).

If you are already using Adwords, this “For Dummies” book is a good overall textbook. No guru rhetoric; just some common sense how-to info that’s easy to read (some cartoons too), and it can then become a good desktop reference. Anyway, starting is the hardest part so just DO IT! Trust us, the COOLEST thing is turning on that Adwords campaign and going to bed, knowing all those little keyword sales guys (Jacobson’s metaphor) are working for you while you sleep. Yes, you may wake up with $0 sales the first day — but you have STARTED — which is more than what 90% of everybody else does!

 UPDATE: FYI, One day after writing this review, Google announced changes to the Adwords interfact, as reported here.

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“Google Says Goodbye to Adsense Video Units”

March 31st, 2009

Clickz is reporting that Google is discontinuing its Adsense Video Units

“The demise of AdSense video units does not impact the availability of other video-related ads options, stressed Google. It noted that video ads may appear in AdSense for content ad units for users who have “opted into” image ads. Also, AdSense for video is ‘still accepting applications from eligible publishers who produce video content,’ said the Google announcement.”

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