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Amazon Changes Affiliate Program; Will No Longer Pay Fee on Paid Search Traffic

April 6th, 2009

Amazon has announced they will “no longer pay referral fees to Associates who send users to, or through keyword bidding and other paid search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines, and their extended search networks.” This will affect those affiliates who have carved out a business by simply buying keywords and sending the clicks directly to Amazon. This is not surprising. We don’t think Amazon was particularly thrilled with this angle. The affiliates here were basically competing against Amazon; by placing a keyword bid higher than Amazon, you got the traffic instead of Amazon. So their thinking undoubtedly was: Why should we pay you a fee for outbidding us? Loophole closed. For further info, you can go to Amazon here.

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Market Samurai Announcement — “Hidden Feature”

April 5th, 2009

We’re a big fan of Market Samurai, which is probably the best keywords software out there. So we are interested in this mysterious post, which is dated for Monday, April 6th.

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Fun Fact: Keyword With Highest Cost Per Click

March 27th, 2009

SpyFu, — a site where you can “”Spy on your online competitors” —  reports that the keyword with the highest cost per click is……………………

DUI Phoenix Arizona” — with a high cost of $54.13

We’re not sure offhand why this is the case, or what the hell is going on in Phoenix. The next “DUI” keyword is ranked #9: “San Diego DUI Defense.” The #2 most-expensive word on the list is “loan consolidation student loans” at $53.88.

SpyFu is a great research site to keep in mind. By looking at statistics, you can often find the winning edge that you need.

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Top 10 Search Terms: Viagra Beats Flu Symptoms

March 14th, 2009

Paypal is the #1 most-searched term in the IT/Internet category, followed by Paypal login and Toyota ranks #1 in the automotive category. Netflix beats IMDB for the movie category (the term “movies” is 3rd).  MySpace leads Facebook and YouTube in Net Communities and Chat. In Pharmaceuticals and Medical, Viagra beats out Flu Symptoms. These and more interesting statistics from Hitwise, as reported by ClickZ.

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Download Competitors’ Keywords and Adwords

March 13th, 2009

WE USE THIS: is an online research tool that identifies the keywords your competitors are using in their pay-per-click campaigns. You can use it one of two ways: You can type in keywords to see which websites are using them; or you can type in websites and see which keywords they are using. Keycompete includes a bar graph that shows you how successful your competitors have been with each keyword. The first five results to a search are free.  Then you have several options to get additional results. No software is required and you have access to over 130 million keywords and websites. Try it out.

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SEO Secrets: 213 Pages of the Best Info (UPDATE BELOW)

March 5th, 2009

SEO expert/copywriter Glenn Murray may be the best in the business. He has written what we think is the #1 book on search engine optimization. “When you’ve read this book,” Glenn says,  “You’ll know MORE about SEO than I did when I topped Google!” Your competition will probably never know 90% of these secrets. A great investment for success.

213 pages
Understand what SEO means (5 pages)
Choose your keywords (7 pages)
Develop your website right (36 pages)
WordPress V2.7 blog optimization (30 pages)
Optimize your web content (9 pages)
Link baiting (26 pages)
Other link building methods (13 pages)
Monitor your progress (4 pages)
The future of SEO (9 pages)
207 references in the bibliography

And we love that this guy is SO low-key. You’re getting the best stuff…

Click here to view more details

UPDATE: On the software side, several people have been recommending SEO Elite. Seo Elite is from Brad Callen, who also created the PPC Web Spy, which we wrote about here. We installed PPC Web Spy and find it very useful, although we haven’t upgraded to the Platinum version yet. If you have, let us know what you think.

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Free Keywords Tool by Wordtracker

March 3rd, 2009

Keep this website handy: Wordtracker’s Free Keywords Tool, if you don’t have it already. Internet selling is all about finding that niche, and keywords are the — key — to zeroing in on that niche.

Whenever you have an idea, see how many people are searching for it online. The keywords that come up are the basis of your marketing efforts — they become the name of your website; they form your tagline and domain name; they are your Adwords. Here’s an idea we like: think of keywords as your salespeople.

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Cool Spy Tool You Can Add to Your Google Search

March 2nd, 2009

Here’s a nifty tool you can download for free: PPC Web Spy. When you activate the tool and do a Google search, it shows you the Adwords the advertisers are bidding on, including info on position, average cost per click, clicks per day, and cost per day. It also reveals the actual destination URL for each ad and identifies which advertisers are affiliates. You need the Firefox browser in order to download the tool. And if you like it — we do — you can upgrade to a Premium version.

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