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How to Turn WordPress into an Online Store

April 11th, 2009

We have just come across something we love and recommend: Market Theme for WordPress — it basically turns your WordPress blog into an online store. As we said in our popular post, WordPress: Making Other Websites Obsolete, the free open-source WordPress  “is making other website-building options, or the need for those options, nearly obsolete… With the right themes and the necessary plug-ins and widgets, your “blog” can look like, and operate as, just about any kind of site.” And here is a perfect, usable example. One of our team members has been planning on building an online store. He has looked into many options, including Yahoo Stores and Amazon Services. Both are good, but our buddy has already been using WordPress — he knows it, he loves it, so why change. Also, instead of paying the monthly Yahoo and Amazon fees, you download the Market Theme for a one-time license fee of $55 (or a $150 fee for a developer license).

So if you already use WordPress, this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t tried WordPress before, we highly recommend you start, for just about all your internet entrepreneurial needs.

Click here to view more details on the Market “Online Store” Theme.

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WordPress: Making Other Websites Obsolete

April 1st, 2009

Ok, this might still be an opinion at the moment, but we are beginning to think that WordPress, the free open-source blog program, is making other website-building options, or the need for those options, nearly obsolete. First of all, as you may already know from previous posts, we consider WordPress to be the best blogging software. It’s not that the others are bad; some have advantages that Wordpress does not. But with WordPress — and its endless supply of themes, plug-ins, and widgets — you can pretty-much do anything: it’s not your dad’s blog anymore. With the right themes and the necessary plug-ins and widgets, your “blog” can look like, and operate as, just about any kind of site. WordPress is part of the so-called Web 2.0 world we recently referred to here — the user-generated software is always evolving and improving. If you’d like  to read more about WordPress, check out our post here.

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How to Set Up a Blog — Watch These Free Videos

March 10th, 2009

These guys are great teachers — calm, cool, and thorough. They have ten videos and you can watch them all at   They recommend WordPress, which is what we use. We disagree with them on the hosting. When you watch Gideon and Yaro’s videos, you will learn how to upload WordPress on a webhost using a FTP client, arguably the most difficult part of setting up your blog. OORR you could just use Blue Host, where you can accomplish that task with one or two clicks — instant installation.

Heres a link to Blue Host: Host Unlimited Domains – 1 Account $6.95 Per Month

BTW, if you don’t know this already, there’s two ways to set up a WordPress blog — 1) Where it’s hosted for you — or 2) Where you download it and install it on your own domain and server host of your choice — . The way described above is the way — this is the way you wanna do it for business. If you have your blog on the version of WordPress, you do not own your domain.

To learn how to make money blogging, see this post.

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SEO Secrets: 213 Pages of the Best Info (UPDATE BELOW)

March 5th, 2009

SEO expert/copywriter Glenn Murray may be the best in the business. He has written what we think is the #1 book on search engine optimization. “When you’ve read this book,” Glenn says,  “You’ll know MORE about SEO than I did when I topped Google!” Your competition will probably never know 90% of these secrets. A great investment for success.

213 pages
Understand what SEO means (5 pages)
Choose your keywords (7 pages)
Develop your website right (36 pages)
WordPress V2.7 blog optimization (30 pages)
Optimize your web content (9 pages)
Link baiting (26 pages)
Other link building methods (13 pages)
Monitor your progress (4 pages)
The future of SEO (9 pages)
207 references in the bibliography

And we love that this guy is SO low-key. You’re getting the best stuff…

Click here to view more details

UPDATE: On the software side, several people have been recommending SEO Elite. Seo Elite is from Brad Callen, who also created the PPC Web Spy, which we wrote about here. We installed PPC Web Spy and find it very useful, although we haven’t upgraded to the Platinum version yet. If you have, let us know what you think.

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