“The Internet Kill Switch”

We don’t mean to get too political here, but this is a topic you should be familiar with, because an argument can be made that you might not be successful with an internet business if the internet was, say, turned off. That’s what could happen if a bill, currently in the early stage of development ever becomes law — it would give the President of the United States a “kill switch.” As Mark Gibbs discusses in Computerworld, such a “switch” (after declaring a “cybersecurity emergency”)  might be difficult to implement, but the idea  itself is chilling. Or as Gibbs says, even insane. As we reported on below, several countries have already been chipping away at access to the internet. It might not be easy for them; the web has a way of flowing through obstacles; but that doesn’t mean governments won’t always try, for one reason or another. You can read the proposed legislation, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 here.

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