Were We Attacked by “Josh”??

(DISCLAIMER: We have no proof but…)

We cannot be sure — we don’t mean to be paranoid — but we think we might have been attacked. Thursday evening our site went down. It seemed to coincide with an increase in traffic from our commentary on some possible scammers who are currently operating out there  — see our most recent post about them here.  The mission statement of Rich Dog Millionaire has been to focus on making money on the internet — a Forbes magazine meets Wired, so to speak. We decided a while ago that we would not be politically correct — we would review and report on the good stuff, the bad stuff — aka black hat material — and we would tell you about the ugly stuff, the scammers, the assholes. We’ll continue to do it, because it’s the right thing to do, and because it’s fun. So if you never hear from us again…

BTW! We’re back up and running because of our great hosting company Blue Host, which we’ve mentioned before. We were able to call an 800 number, actually SPEAK to someone, and we were back up within a few minutes… We recommend them highly: (Thanks guys) Here’s our shout out:

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