“What’s in a Nonsense Name?” (Update)

What name should you give your company? In our grandfather’s day, you may have given it your last name — Ford, Disney, Wal-Mart (Sam Walton); or maybe you’d give it a solid basic name, like US Steel, American Airlines, General Electric. In our parents’ day, you tried to be a little unique: Apple, Target… Now, have you noticed… nonsense has been in for a while: Google, Twitter… Joel Schwartzberg, in his Huffington Post blog, writes about this phenomena. First there was ABC and CBS — now there’s Hulu. First there was Network Solutions — now there’s Go Daddy. There seems to be a couple of philosophies out there for internet business names: Compose your company name based on the most popular keywords in the market you are going after — clear but common; or go in the opposite direction and build a very unique brand name  — from obscure to hopefully well-known one day.

UPDATE: So Wal-Mart and Target were founded the same year, in 1962 — so our little story above, that they were created in different generations, is a bit off. But whatever; you get the idea.

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